Why You Need to Invest in Stocks?

An investment on a share is considered to be a short term if it is below 1 year tenure. Suppose you put in 1Lakh share and if you get the return within one year, then it is considered as a short term investment. So, take your time in understanding the stocks and then invest on it. Let us get in deep in understanding the stocks and shares. Which are the best stocks to buy in India for short term? Here are the best shares to invest for short term:

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• BEL ( Bharat Electronics Ltd)

Bharat Electronics ltd is supposed to be a renowned semi-government based company. It has 37% shares in Indian Defense Electronics and has a very good book of records. There into core weapons and radar systems. They mainly focus on electronic warfare & defense communication. It seems that share price starts from INR 91.5.
In the financial year 2019, the company incurred the sales of INR 2716 crore. In the financial year 2018, the company incurred the sales on INR 2506 crore. It means that the company has grown exponentially. 8% growth is not bad. So if you’re planning for a short investment, BEL is a way to go.

• Bata India Ltd

This company has been absolutely growing exponentially if you compare it with the last year. The company has done sales of INR 779 in this year. Last year they had INR 674 which showcases that the company has done 15.5% excess sales. The share price starts from INR 1340.

• ITC ltd

ITC is mainly into Agri-business, packing and paper, hotels, FMCG, and Cigarettes. ITC as a company has wide spread businesses and they have been working on well. The cigarettes are the fast moving products of ITC. Even though it is harmful, when it comes to sales it is ranked no.1. Well the share price starts from INR 296. It has lot of potential. Try investing some part of your profits on it.The company had generated a revenue of INR 11227 Crores in 2019 financial year Vs INR 9772 crores in 2018 financial year up 15%, the overall profit is 3210 Crores in financial year 2019 against INR 3090 crores in financial year 2018 up 4%, however EBITDA is around INR 4325 crores in 2019 vs INR 3889 crores in 2018 is up 11% and EBITDA margin has contracted 654bps to 38.5% in Q3FY19 vs 45.1% in Q3FY18.

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