The Most Expensive Cars to Insure Right Now

The world of insurance thrives on premiums from luxury items and cars for that matter are no different. Affording a luxury car is one thing, but being able to afford its insurance is a whole different beast altogether. You need a lot of money to pay those premiums and you have to pay them every month. So, if you are buying a luxury car, you should not only think of its maintenance but also the insurance costs.

 The problem is that insurance companies make money mostly out of insurance out of premium cars and the rates are exuberantly high. Let’s take the Audi R8 for instance, the costliest car to insure right now. You would probably be paying a premium which is the same amount as the EMI for the car itself. You are doing this in case the car gets totalled or spoiled. But the problem is that its mandatory and you can’t own a car that is not insured. Now on to the list.

Audi R8

The costliest car in the world may be the Bugatti, but in the insurance world it is hardly worthy of mention. Here, the Audi R8 is the king. It is the costliest car in the world to insure. You will have to pay premiums in excess of $4000 every month just to own this piece of German brilliance. The rates are about 2.5% of the maximum selling retail price. While its not that high in normal terms, this is a sports car that costs more than a hundred thousand dollars.

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BMW i8

The BMW i8 is next on the list. With a rate of around 2.8%, it is the second most expensive insurance machine that you can buy in the automotive market. While the car itself will cost you around a hundred and forty thousand dollars to buy, you will end up paying an additional annual premium of $4100 every year.

Dodge Viper

The dodge Viper is among the cheapest supercars you can buy, a trend that sets the American supercars apart. But it is one of the most expensive cars to insure. It has the highest premium rate in the industry except for perhaps, the BMW X6 at a whopping 4.21%. You will be paying a premium of almost $4000 for a car that costs $140,000.

Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-r is one of the best road cars in production and it is one of the most value for money as well. But there is a catch if you want to own one of them, pay insurance with your blood. The premium will be around $3,800 at a rate of 3.8%.