Five Ways Technology has Changed Banking


The technology is upgrading in ways where the banking system have revolved themselves in the financial world. As of now technology has become a common place in the sector with the evolution of corporate companies and they need to keep up with advancements by giving more choices and improved user experience to the customers. Whereas the banking customers have no control over the electronic transactions which usually take place among the banks itself. The Atm machines and debit/credits cards are some of the significant inventions in recent years which has revolved the banking industry, however their impact is very less compared with the technology we are using now. Below are the five ways technology has changed banking.

Competition Reveals Hidden Features

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Before ,you might have seen mergers and acquisitions among the big banks. Most of these big banks expected to extend the industry and some other banks have followed the same strategy. So, all this moves had little effect on bank customers. As of now the competition is very different when you compete with non-banks in specific ways. The features which was hidden by the banks have now revealed by competition because of the competition that are available in the public.

Characters of bank customers have changed

Most of the bank were loyal and had patience in the past while staying with same bank for many years.  These banks would launch campaigns by offering free tokens and keep the existing customers. But now, everything has changed where people as the customers would have the best available packages and the banks compete against each other for business.

Banking Anywhere

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The increase in the usage of smartphones and mobile apps are becoming convenient and more accessible. So, today anyone can easily create an mobile app using banks design and make it available for the use of public.

Fewer Visitors to Local Bank Locations

With the rise of online and mobile, banking has reduced on-site bank visitors because most of the bank customers prefer to transact online at their own convenience.

More Data Protection

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In the last decade, banking use to depend upon the manual and erroneous methods for securing the bank data. So, with the use of technology the banks are able to protect and manage the secure information.


In the today’s world, technology has changed the world we live in and in the field of banking, technology has improved in lot many ways to them but also to their customers. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about five ways technology has changed banking. Thanks for reading!