Difference Between Banking and other jobs

To start with, Banking is one of the best sectors to begin your career but it is very difficult to get through. You just have to be dedicated and committed to ensure that you get through the exam. As, you will be competing across the countries and states you should be mentally fit and focused. Well, you might be thinking how to clear these government exams. I would never say it is easy but it is very much possible to crack a job provided you have that passion in executing things well. In the first place, you should be clear with the thought process whether to do your service in government or private.

I will be discussing about the difference between government and private sector jobs. When it comes to government job, you are just like a fish in the aquarium. You just have to stay in the same atmostphere for the rest of your life and continue the monotonous job. But when it comes to private sector jobs, it is not at all monotonous and there are daily challenges that you need to execute. Yes, job security is the only thing that is considered to be main advantage. In private sector jobs, people will be losing their jobs and that is quite natural nowadays. Many of us, are opportunist and you should know when to seize and when not to. There are at times you can go wrong with your decision makings but it is always best to try out new things. New thinking, New Possibilites right? Yes, you just have to be like water just go with a flow. Banking sector is one of the easiest ways to get into government service. You can also get along with IT services in Banking department but it doesnt come under the Probationary Officer cader. There is no written exam as such when it comes to IT services but if it is PO post you have to attend the exams. Henceforth, i always say government sector jobs are very much safe and recommended for all the youngsters out there.

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